Valentines Day Nails

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I don’t know about you but I’m not one for girly pink hearts and sparkles for Valentines Day nail art. Well, actually, I’ve never had to worry about Valentines Day nails ’til this year (the last two were spent with my cat and a bag of minstrels). But when I saw Alexa Chung’s new mani on Instagram I knew that’s what I wanted to recreate for Valentines.

As a base colour I’ve used Nails Inc New York Noir from their Kate Spade collection. So I applied two thin coats and left to dry. Then I went in with Rimmel’s Brit Manicure Β to create the petals. The brush on this is quite thin anyway but using a dotting tool would have made the look so much easier to achieve. So I used the brush to create five small circles which then merged together to make the base of the flower. On the bigger nails I tended to do a half a daisy on the edge of the nail just so they all weren’t identical.

When the flowers were completely dry I used Barry M’s Summer limited edition yellow (doesn’t have a name) and just dotted a tiny bit of polish in between the petals. To then complete the look I finished with my Rimmel 30 second topcoat and voile’ non-girly, yet cute, Valentine’s Day nails.

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