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50 Best Albums of 2012

Well there’s no doubting that it’s been a brilliant year for music, gleaming from all corners of the indie/alternative genre. Now the feverishly awaited ’50 best albums of 2012’ has finally been released by NME and has left us questioning some of its ‘choicest cuts’.

Typically, the obvious choices are sat firmly within the top ten. Nottingham born Newbie, Jake Bugg, earned his number 9 rating with his very truthful debut album – Jake Bugg telling the tales of his street days; ‘Skin up a fat one, hide from the feds’. The Maccabees – Given in the Wild came in at a well-deserved 6 with their unique sound, alongside Alt J’s debut album – Intro (Mercury prize winner) at number 5.

However, it’s questionable whether the ‘first for music news’ have been a tad harsh whilst boiling down the 50 featured albums. Lana Del Ray’s delicate debut album – Born to Die came in at a shocking 45 and one of NME’s favourites, The Vaccines – No Hope was chucked an unwanted 36.

On a more cheerful note, I was glad to see many unknown artists making the top 10 cut. Light-hearted Django Django came in at number 10 with their psychedelic debut album. Also, Pond – Fantastic Explosion of Time was rewarded a number 7 rating for their ‘explosive’ and ‘alive’ sounding record.

All in all, NME have done a mediocre job of this years ‘hit list’ making some questionable mistakes and some magnificent choices.

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