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The 1975 @ The Cockpit, Leeds/ 24.01.2013

The 1975 @ The Cockpit, Leeds/ 24.01.2013

So, the trip hop quartet were back (with special guests!) to perform once again at the grunge, underground venue, The Cockpit. As you all know, this place is dedicated to hand-picking the best bands out of the glimmering sea of new music, catching exciting new artists at the start of their careers. Yeah, it’s true, the stage has the faded footprints of the Two Door Cinema Club, Temper Trap and Coldplay to prove it. Over the last year, the UK have willingly welcomed The 1975’s mixed genre style with open arms after the release of not one, but TWO EP’s (Sex and Facedown) including ready-made anthems such as The City and Sex. They had already created a buzz around the country after touring the UK with guitar-heavy, cheerful Little Comets but this time it was different, they were back… but headlining.

I guess I should start from the beginning of the night, that would make sense. Unfortunately, I missed the first support act, Icarus’ set, however the rest of the night sure made up for my lateness as the second support act were local boys, The Concetines. The indie/alternative band with huge local fan base had their supporters filled with excitement. A couple of weeks before the gig I took part in a radio interview with these guys and they were lovely. It was the first time I’d heard their music and I remember thinking ‘he (Matt Tate) sounds like Alex Turner!’ and I instantly fell in love with their catchy guitar riffs. I have to say I was impressed, but not as impressed as I was seeing them live. The atmosphere was amazing as their guitar-heavy intro led into an original called Home which is not featured on their recent EP. Their mixture of originals and well known covers were a hit, especially their version of The Wombats – Kill The Director and the two singles (Pilot and Hourglass) that you can find on their newest EP Pilot.

The Concetines

Now for The 1975. I’m not going to lie, I could easily fill this review with an in depth description of front-man Matt Healy’s hair, but I really shouldn’t. It’s quite obvious that everyone can’t get enough of this brilliant four-piece and I can really understand why. They opened with one of the first hits from their Facedown EP, The City. They used layers to create their alternative trip hop sound starting with a solid drum beat, then their plucky guitar riffs, and finally a keyboard, introducing their electronic sound. I think for me, it’s these occasional electronic elements throughout their music is what defines The 1975. The rest of the set included songs from their previous EP’s, such as Sex and Milk, both sounding quite similar to The City. Oh, and not forgetting their cheerful lead single from their up coming album (set to be released May 2013), Chocolate. The fame must be surreal for these guys as whilst introducing the song (which they played at Radio 1’s Future Festival this month) Matt exclaimed ‘It’s in the charts and everything’. Then came the ‘slow song’ that you’ll undoubtedly find during any gig: Robbers. It was nice to hear them slow the pace and let Matt’s incredibly unique vocals just shine through, my favourite of the night. Finally, they ended such an amazing set with such an amazing song; You is the last track on their latest EP Sex. In my opinion, they couldn’t of thought of a better song to go out on. It’s climatic and builds up in to a guitar-heavy instrumental, and what can I say Matt Healy diving into the crowd with girls rushing towards him was just a climatic as that instrumental.

The 1975

And I’m not even ashamed to say that I was one of those girls.



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