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Hot Right Now: Tom Odell


Well, with the Brits Critics Choice award under his belt, English singer/song writer, Tom Odell, is expected to achieve greatness. Especially if he follows in the footsteps of previous winners, Adele, Emeli Sande and Jessie J, who were all tipped for success by Brits Voters.


You haven’t heard of him? Where have you been?! He’s been all over every ‘one to watch’ list already this year    including BBC Radio 1’s Sound of 2013 and MTV’s Brand New for 2013. I discovered his EP Songs From Another Love just over two weeks ago after his breathtaking performance on Jools Holland and it’s fit snugly into my ‘Bed Time’ playlist on Spotify ever since. The 23 year old released the four track EP, paving his way to success, before the release of his debut album Long Way Down. It’s clear these 4 tracks alone are the cause of his almost-overnight success, he sure deserves it.

Tinkering melodic keys open the EP. Another Love tells a personal tale, leaving the meaning to interpretation, as does the entirety of the EP. Tom’s delicate yet rich vocals speak with emotion and pain without sounding whiny. More tinkering keys build into a powerful second verse with his soft voice becoming angered, justifying his swearing; ‘I’ll use my voice I’ll be so fucking rude’. It griped emotions I didn’t even know I had with its clever contrast of pitches and volume.

Sense is calmer yet still shows deep emotion whilst taking us on a personal struggle; ‘Sometimes feel like I’m slipping down walls’. Some how Tom’s delicate vocals even manage to make getting drunk sound angelic.

Hauntingly crescendoing into its climax Can’t Pretend confirms the Chichester lad’s style, reliant on melodic piano and steady drums. Its dramatic power contrasts with its predecessor giving the EP a sense of variety.

Final track, Stay Tonight, is a demo and is therefore less perfected. The rawness of the track really does Odell’s vocals justice and oh man that acoustic guitar accompaniment is a refreshing change.

The entirety of the EP shows that Tommy’s not going anywhere any time soon. His already distinguished style and achingly beautiful lyrics are clearly a force to be reckoned with. Its fair to say he can be added to the list of modern artists making piano ‘cool’.

Rating : A-

Songs From Another Love EP – Out Now

Long Way Down – 15th April 2013


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