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A Month in Music – February

Carrying on with the tradition, I’ve decided that I shall take a tight hold of the endless list in my head, considered to be ‘The Favourites of February’, and break it down into 5 manageable chunks, 5 spippets, otherwise known as a Top 5. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since my January favourites post, February felt like such a short month (that’s because it was, Ella). As usual this post is a teeny tiny bit late (6 days), but who cares? We’re all friends here!

#5/ Theme Park – Tonight

Number 5 on my February Favourites list are the British trio as fun as an actual theme park. Their contagious lead single Tonight was produced by Friendly Fires Ed and his influence is noticeable; packed with funk jam, swirling synths and falsesetto chorus’. Not forgetting the sneaky promise from Miles Haughton; ‘lets get high tonight’.

#4/ Peace – Follow Baby

It’s quite ironic really that the second single from their forthcoming album is the re-release of a track that made this all possible. Follow Baby see’s the quartet drift away from their usual soft psychedelic self creating a new grittier guitar heavy sound. The dominating heavy guitars squeal alongside Harrison Kossier’s ranging effortless vocals until the escape of raw destruction. Everything about this track leads to destruction, even the video, with not even a lampshade or framed picture to spare.

#3/ The 1975 – Chocolate 

If you’ve never heard of The 1975  Chocolate, the lead single from the upcoming debut album, is the perfect introduction to their indie/electric sound. The foot tapping, head bobbing single shows the youthful, more chart appropriate side of The 1975 with playful jaunting guitar riffs and moments of gun-shot-fast lyrics. The bouncy melody carries the track, burying the difficult-to-understand lyrics into your head…whether you want it to or not.

#2/ Tom Odell – Hold Me

I haven’t really heard much from Odell, but I like what I hear. I recently downloaded Tommy’s first offerings Songs From Another Love and was overjoyed to discover that his lead single Hold Me has been set free into the wilderness that is YouTube. The single shows another side to Tom that had clearly been lingering during Another Love and Can’t Pretend. The pain and emotion that drives his voice brings his achingly beautiful lyrics to life. Hold Me see’s the Chichester lad spilling his heart during the rockier paced (unfortunately chart-friendly) anthem.

#1/ Daughter – Still 

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this month,  my favourite appears to be emotionally driven  After the excitement of their completely sold out tour around the churches and chapels of the UK,  Daughter have been busy recording their debut album ‘If You Leave’ both at home in various locations around their home town. Still is the first offering of 2013 from the English trio and it’s certainly put the meaning of ‘art’ into ‘music artist’. Accompanied with it’s story-telling video, the haunting track shows a glimpse of the reality a broken relationship whilst leaving the pure meaning to interpretation. A steady drum beat carries the track featuring dreamlike guitar and chilling vocals.


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