Music News

If You’re Not Going to Say Anything Nice…

Say it on the internet.

 Whats happened to the music industry?! Why is it that everything I hear, everything I read involves well known artists flipping each other to the press. Did their mothers not teach them manners? I know if I’d openly tweet…

foals tweet

my mum would probably kill me, and you think I’m joking.

All this back and forth hatred, competing for media spotlight. Judging artist’s sounds, spouting opinions to fans, why? If you don’t like them, don’t comment. It’s not surprising that 1 in 3 teenagers have been subjected to cyberthreats online when these people are the kind of  role models we’re given to look up to.

rou reynolds tweet

Not cool Rou, not cool at all.

And it doesn’t even stop their. I’ve been logged into NME for 5 minutes and have already come across 4 incidents of hate comments, judgmental words and just plain ignorance. From Jake Bugg to One Direction, they’re all at it. Suprise suprise, I’ve seen Noel Gallaghers name twice. Jeez, who’s he slagging off now?!


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