Pissed Off?

We’ve all been there, yeah that’s right even you! There are many causes of this ‘Pissed Off Syndrome’. Jealousy, regret and quite frequently (in my case) failure are just a handful of the factors contributing to this wide spread condition. 

This serious, sometimes contagious illness often reduces interaction with humans, speech and in severe cases, movement. I’m not alone in this (or so I like to think) so I’ve put my foul mood to good use and devised a few simple ways to help banish the shitty mood that is eating away at me. 


MY NUMBER ONE MOOD BANISHER! I didn’t realise how much of an music impact had, I knew I loved it but I never realised it could take my lets-throw-my-phone-at-a-wall-mood and turn it into my lets-dance-around-my-room-in-my-underwear mood. My recent favourites for this have to be… 

PS, I think it’s pretty obvious to say don’t go listening to the titanic soundtrack, you do this and the mood has won.


Now I understand this obviously isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about writing as I am, after all I am a journalism student but if you’re a recurring or severe sufferer then it really does help. Take creative writing to the next level and scribble down the happenings leading up to your bad mood, change the names of the characters (don’t want everyone knowing it’s based on a true story now do ya) , add a few vampires and a persistent werewolf and there you go; you’re the author of the next Twilight. You can thank me later. 


Just as affective as writing. Losing yourself in some made up persons life is a sure fire way to forget about your own. When reading a  book your biggest worries are usually pushed aside to make way for way more important concerns; who is Bella gonna pick? Will Katniss and Peeta both get out alive? Will Harry destroy all the horcruxes and defeat Voldemort? GO FIND OUT!


Even though one of the most common side effects is decreased interaction with humans, spending time with people who know you the best is usually the best thing to do. Whether you go to advice from your mum,  silliness from your favourite person or stupid banter from your dad it is guaranteed to make you feel better.


By this I don’t mean lock your self in your room, switch all the lights off and rock back and forth, trust me it doesn’t work, so I’ve heard…

I mean log out of Facebook for a few hours, turn your phone off, get away from any kind of online interactivity. Seeing ‘pretty’ girls pouting for selfies while you’re sat in jamas with unwashed hair eating one (or more) share size bags of Doritos like a slob isn’t going to do any good for your self esteem.  


This is an obvious one, cats are so cute! Your mood is nothing that a few cute kitty’s can’t solve. I’ll save you some time and leave you with what you need, right here right now.

cat 1cat 2

Have you got any ways of improving your mood?


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