What Am I Supposed To Do Now?


We’ve all felt like this, whether it’s been whilst reading the last page of your favourite set of books or during the end credits of the final episode of the TV show you’ve been devoted to for the past 3 years; we’ve all felt this silly kind of emptiness. You all know what I mean. After Jake imprints on Renesme and Bella and Edward are left surprisingly unharmed and alive (well, kind of). After Gale leaves and Katnis and Peeta (SPOILER IF YOU’RE LAZY AND DIDN’T READ THE BOOKS) live happily ever after with their two children. After Frodo survives Sauron’s Eye and a brutal attack on his pinky and sets sail, leaving Middle Earth behind. I could go on…

These kind are the worst, knowing that the people you’ve followed for the past god knows how many years have just disappeared, left you forever, never to come back (unless you’re lucky enough to get a spin off *sarcasm*).

Abandoned by our favourite characters, tossed aside like our fellowship meant nothing, we are left not knowing what to do with our lives anymore. There are only so many options. Here is a guide on how to deal with your loss:

  1. First step, mourn your loss. Whether it’s crying in horror at The Red Wedding -Starks, you will be forever in our hearts 😦 – or whether it’s getting over the death of Dobby, take a few minutes (or days) to GET OVER IT.
  2. Step two! If you’ve had enough time to dedicate your life to a TV series you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Find a hobby: take up coin collecting, become a vegetarian, learn to knit, anything to help your Cold Turkey.
  3. EXERCISE. Get away from the media and jog on, literally… No offense, but chances are you could probably do with it. Come on, you’ve religiously watched a WHOLE series, get up!
  4. Find something similar, there must have been something that attracted you to it: it’s humour, it’s adventure, its unrealistic qualities. There must be something in this world that you can relate to your beloved series.
  5. Try some good old fashioned human interaction! I know, it’s a bit risky but they don’t bite. Get yourself outside and mingling. If you’re not too fond of the outdoors then Facebook is your new best friend.

Now, that’s all I can help with, but the world can help you so much more so get out their guys and forget about your long lost loved ones. I mean come on, they were never real anyway…


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