Always Connected…


Have you ever sat and thought about how much time we spend on here? If you’re reading this then you must be a fellow internet user/lover, but what would you do without it? Could you cope or would you be one of the many of us web crazed losers that would be curled up, rocking back and forth until you got your fix?

I’d never thought about it before, that was until the unthinkable happened; we had a power cut. No, not just a couple of minutes, a whole 9 hours. Looking back on it, how the hell did I survive? The inability to have a quick cuppa or intake my daily How I Met Your Mother fix wasn’t a problem. It was overshadowed by the not knowing; what is everyone doing? What is Will doing in Leeds? What is Sam having for tea? I NEED TO SEE.

After having a serious look at myself, sprawled out on my bed staring at my laptop waiting for my WiFi to miraculously make an appearance, I had a think about what has my life (and many of your poor souls lives) come to. We depend on the internet, we’re always connected. There isn’t a single minute of the day where we’re not a part of it. Our phones are connected to our much loved Facebook and Insta profiles. Google is our new best friend when we have a question or query and Twitter is always there for the reminder that celebs are still alive, why would we even need to step outside, or interact with other humans?

I’ll admit, the internet is damn useful. From Online Banking to GoogleMaps to (which isn’t saved to my favourites) it is pretty handy. Some people even make their careers on here; bloggers, youtubers, it’s a cheap and easy way to get into something your passionate about. It’s hard to imagine a life without it, it provides us with so much and with things such as skype it makes the world so much smaller. Anything is possible with internet, book flights for your dream travelling trip, apply for that amazing life changing job, it’s just too easy.

But that power cut reminded me of what is possible without internet. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d read a good book or happily chilled with family and friends; it was quite refreshing and something I should do more often. Remember the online world is still moving without you , it will still be there when you get back…


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