Marble effect nails are a super easy way to incorporate the recent nail art trend into your life. The method is no where near as messy as it looks and it gets rid of that pesky painting-with-your-left-hand business. For this effect you will need a cup of luke warm water, some tape, a cotton bud and a bobby pin or toothpick, oh and not forgetting your choice of nail polishes. You can use as many colours as you want. I decided to go for Topshop’s Bashfull and Barry M Gellie’s Watermelon. The consistency of the polish needs to be on the liquidy side for it to work. The Black Barry M Glitter was too gloopy and just wouldn’t do the job.

1. Go mad with that tape! Tape around the nails to prevent as much polish getting on to the skin. Sounds like too much effort? You are WRONG, tape is a mess-saver.

2. Once you’ve got you’re nails taped up the fun can begin, drop a dot of the first polish of your choice into the cup without touching the water, then repeat with the other colour(s) in the dot you’ve just dropped to create target-like rings.

3. When you’re happy with your colours begin to poke around in the polish with the toothpick or bobby pin to create the design for your nail. Once done, pick a section of the design you’d like on your nail and just dip your finger in and leave for a couple of seconds and pull back out.

4. Collect the rest of the polish out of the cup with the cotton bud before moving on to the next nail. Continue with the rest of your nails using the same technique.

5. Finally they’re all done! So it’s time to take the tape of, clean your nails up a bit with another cotton bud and some nail polish remover and apply a top coat. Vola!


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