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Love bath bombs? Get to Lush.

Lush is a company that specialises in fresh handmade cosmetics and they pride themselves on fighting against the testing of animals; so in other words it’s good for us and the rest of the world. They range from selling freshly made face masks to their Emotional Brilliance Make Up all made from solely natural ingredients, but for me the only section that really excites me is their huge table of bath ballistics. Yes, this is the section of the shop you can smell before you even see the store and with Spacegirl’s purply, sparkly appearance and it’s £2.25 price tag its the most attractive one on the table.

The planet shaped galactic ballistic isn’t out of this world (pardon the pun) but it is a nice end to a long day. When dropped in the bath it creates a pleasing lilac colour with hints of red and gold shimmers along with an equally pleasing subtle palma violet scent. The smell isn’t as strong as some of the other Lush experiences I’ve had but the scent happily lingers on the skin (and in the bathroom) hours after using it. The one feature I didn’t experience with Spacegirl is it’s popping candy. The bath bomb claims to crackle when you submerge your head under water and either mine didn’t have any or I just didn’t hear it.

Although it isn’t as fun as some of the other Lush offerings it does have a list of helpful moisturising ingredients such as almond and bergamot oil which left my skin super soft and the secret ingredient grapefruit oil is said to uplift your mood and help with feelings of self approval. Not only that, it’s also great for beating cellulite; it’s a win win situation!

So all in all Spacegirl is a nice little bath ‘accompaniment’  when you just want a relaxing end to a day, it’s nothing too try hard and it is very low maintenance.

Lush Spacegirl



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