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So I Can Still Eat Chocolate?!

I’ve been breaking out quite a lot recently, I normally shrug it off and put it down to hormones. That was until someone told me that the way I eat can effect my skin and suddenly I felt guilty for my ‘a mars a day keeps the doctor away’ motto. But it turns out they were wrong! *opens the chocolate cupboard*

Now here’s for the science of spots. All over our skin are thousands of sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. Yes, this is the pesky white stuff that clogs your pores and causes blackheads. As well as causing all kinds of trouble on the blackhead front, when sebum blocks the holes at the base of our fine hairs it builds up and traps bacteria, causing infections. If these infections occur on the upper layers of the skin they cause white spots of puss of the skins surface. However, if these infections occur deeper they, unfortunately for us, cause the lumpy, painful under the skin spots that a lot of teenagers suffer from.  So in theory, what you eat really doesn’t effect your skin. Of course having a balanced diet helps to maintain our skins balanced oil levels and prevent breakouts, but eating one too many packets of Doritos won’t hugely effect our skin. So what will help?

1. Drinking lots of water.

Water helps the skin stay hydrated and keeps it looking healthy.It is important to put the water that we lose on a daily basis back into our body. 70% of our body consists of water and it has two main purposes: to carry around the good stuff (nutrients and vitamins) and to get rid of all the nasty stuff (toxins and bacteria). Without the water flushing out the bad it is easy for bacteria to be trapped under the skin causing acne.   It’s not an overnight cure to clear skin but after a few weeks of drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day there will be an improvement.

2. Keeping skincare simple.

Using a gentle cleanser morning and night will get rid of any traces of dirt or oil left on the skin without making the spots angry, using anything too harsh, such as an exfoliator will only aggravate your skin. The beads in an exfoliator can also break blemishes and spread them around the face. Ella + breeding family of spots = 😦

3. Treating your spots properly.

I will be doing a post soon on my best ‘zit zappers’ but it really is important to treat spots as soon as you get them. I find tea tree works well at reducing redness and because it’s anti bacterial it helps to heel the spot. Popping and picking at your spots can cause scarring which can sometimes look just as bad as the spot you started with. Also, squeezing under the skin spots is a huge no no. It will only spread the infection and make the spot 10x worse. Don’t worry we’ve all been there.

And that is all my advice for preventing and treating spots. Spots are a huge confidence crusher for everyone, not just teenagers, but at least we can all now get back to eating chocolate….

Whilst drinking lots of water.


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