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The Fault in our Stars – Book Review

ImageIt feels like forever now since I read this, but as the internet went crazy today over the release of the ‘set to be blockbuster’s’ trailer, I felt like it was relevant to do this little review now. The book, written by famous YouTuber John Green, manages to pull out emotions in you you didn’t even know were there.

WARNING: If you’re not prepared to be blinded by your own tears or have your perspective on life changed, this book is not for you.

The entirety of the book is based around Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters’ love story. But it’s not your usual cliche ridden romance. Hazel has terminal lung cancer and Augustus had a rare type of bone cancer but has recently been given the all clear. They bond over their unique, realistic look on life and cancer and their love for Hazel’s favourite book An Imperial Affliction. John Green tells their story full of unlikely sarcasm, happiness and their hate for the conventional, until things take a turn for the worse and both of their lives fall apart around them.Then there’s tears. Lots and lots of tears.

The book recently hit the bestsellers list for the first time since it was released due to its Big Screen counterpart’s social media hype. But why does everyone love The Fault in out Stars so much?! It’s because of John Green. The really unexpected ‘John Green’ humour throughout the book is what makes it (other than the story and the characters and their bond, IT’S JUST PERFECT). There’s just something about the characters passing around lighthearted cancer humour like its just salt at the dinner table that’s just so shocking. That’s what makes it more than just a really sad love story, it breaks the conventions of our perception of cancer.

The book is definitely a must read and the film comes out 6th June, so there’s a long wait ahead of us! But the trailers here just to put you by til then!


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