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‘The Only Way is Ethics’


I think sometimes in today’s society we forget the importance of the environment. I mean I’m no tree hugger or anything and I’m far from vegetarian (we all ❤ Bacon) but I do believe it’s important to be aware of the ethical issues behind the products we buy. This is where Lush comes in.

I’ll admit, I’m a huge skincare snob so when it comes to all natural products, I’m all for it. But sometimes I forget the thought that goes behind the products I buy. It’s easy to be caught up in the recommendations of our YouTube friends with their Lush Hauls and demonstrations but behind the Bath Bomb Heaven that is Lush they have some serious ethical values.

Lush have always believed in all natural, non-animal tested products but they recently stepped up their campaigning game when their friends, The Body Shop, sold to L’Oreal for just under £650m. Both customers and staff of the retailer were shocked at the deal and concerned for the company’s values; they distrusted L’Oreal to keep to The Body Shop’s beliefs. I mean, they’re not exactly non- animal testing protesters biggest fans.

So as well as Lush showing their solid morals in their products, using naturally sourced products which are all vegetarian and mostly vegan, they saw it their duty to be the new campaigning company on the highstreet. They’ve run many protests from performing animal testing on humans in their shop windows to dumping manure outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The Shock Factor is their best friend and it has worked. With a mixture of beauty bloggers and the publicity from their protests, Lush is the biggest it’s ever been.

So, next time you’re in Lush, picking up their latest vegetarian, natural, non-animal tested goodies, make sure to remember the ethics that made them…


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