Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb


Every time I visit Lush I always end up coming out with the same bath bombs I’ve tried over and over again. And as much as a love my firm favourites (yeah, Spacegirl, I’m looking at you) I’ve decided to branch out a little bit. 

I picked up their Blackberry offering as I’m a lover of anything sweet smelling and I wasn’t disappointed. It was described to have Bergamot and Frankinsense oils, as well as strong notes of Blackberry, which are used in aromatherapy to banish anxiety and nervousness. 

When put it the bath it instantly filled the room with fragrance and left a faint scent on my skin afterwards which was lovely. It turned the bath a really pretty dark purple which you’d expect to stain the side of your tub (spoiler: it didn’t stain!) and left a little surprise in the bottom of the bath… 

(spoiler, you’ll have to try it to find out) 


2 thoughts on “Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

  1. I have sniffed this bath bomb so many times and it smells amazing, but am still yet to try it! Think you have me hooked to pick one up next time to find out what the surprise is haha 😉 x

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