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Sunday’s @ Noels – The Ann Duggan Band

ImageImageImageImageImageAs most of you probably won’t know, this little blog of mine was originally a music blog, with gig reviews and new artists being featured every now and then. 

But as my interests changed, so did my blog, and the music side of me was left behind…

However, last night my uncle Matthew took me for a refresher course in live music. By that I mean, two pubs, two bands and a quite a few pints of Coors.

The first pub we paid a visit to was beautiful. It has recently been transformed by young couple, Craig and Jo, into what others are describing as ‘The Home of Music in Melton’ with heaps of great bands playing throughout the weekend. Matthew had previously warned me that Melton is becoming pretty big on the live music scene, but as the only thing I really know about Melton is that it’s the home of the Pork Pie, I didn’t believe him.

The dog friendly pub, quite clearly welcomes all, and with it’s cosy, old fashioned feel, I don’t think anyone wanted to leave -including the band. This Sunday it was the turn of Ann Duggan and her band Rob, Rich and Slim who played folksy, American music that was just brilliant. I was quite literally mesmerised by Rob’s guitar skills and how they were all just so easy going. You could clearly tell it’s what they love doing (and what we loved hearing). However, don’t just think that they’re your usual pub singers, their talent has taken them from the East Midlands to the likes of Mississippi and Chicago…

Afterwards, when The Ann Duggan Band’s set, unfortunately, came to an end we wandered over to another pub called The White Hart. Now, this place was originally a pub, turned restaurant, and is now back to being its usual self, but in my opinion, didn’t quite have the same cosy-ness as Noels but I guess that’s to be expected with a recently reopened pub that is quite modern in it’s appearance. There, Govannen, an Irish band was performing playing two sets of traditional Irish music with a break for chilli in between, mmm. Typically, this wouldn’t be my usual cup of tea, but there was just something about their music that made everyone smile and apparently, dance.

Oh, and I forgot to mention there was a third pub, oops. No music there though, just a few more drinks and good company at the local pub, The Sugar Loaf in Ab Kettleby, before it was time to head home…






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