We Have Kittens!

ImageImageImageImage So, I didn’t have a blog post planned for today, that was until I was woken up this morning by the squeaks of Jemima’s first born child…

Yes, she had given birth in my bed!

It was no surprise that she was pregnant, she’d been waddling around the house for the past god knows how many weeks after getting jiggy with the kitty next door (we nick-named him Stripey) but I really wasn’t expecting her to pick me as her birthing partner. I was officially panicked, I didn’t know how to be a kitty midwife! So I ran and got my mum, turns out she’s not too great at kitty midwifery either…

However, 4 placentas and one very messy duvet later, we had a litter of 4 very cute kittens…that we’re going have to give away in a couple of months. I don’t know how I’m going to cope, I’m already attached! Their mummy was a ginger and tabby mix and good’ol Stripey was your average tabby tom cat so they’ve all come out pretty similar, except for one that’s just jet black; I don’t know how that’s happened? But we love him all the same.

I just need to persuade mum to let us keep at least one!!


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