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The Tanning Station – Dress Agency


I’ll admit, I love nothing more than a good clothes hunt, finding hidden gems amongst rails of second hand clothes.

And it turns out other people do to! 

Over the last year or so, there’s been a real buzz around the idea of thrifting, I mean, come on, there was even a song about it! Something suddenly just got cool about turning other people’s junk into your own treasure, and in the words of Macklemore – one man’s trash that’s another man’s come-up.

But what happens when the clothes you’re thrifting are treasures to begin with?

That is what seems to be the case when you take a glimpse around The Tanning Station’s Dress Agency! 

The Tanning Station is a Jacqueline of all Trades (sorry, it’s just too girly to be a Jack) which as the name would suggest, is the go to place for a bronzed bod, offering sun bed’s and spray tans – but that’s not all! There’s also a gym upstairs, a beauty therapist offering various treatments and an absolutely amazing coffee shop, which – by the way – does the yummiest strawberry and banana smoothie I’ve ever tried! *insert heart eyed emoji here*

But now there’s a new string to their already amazing bow – Their Dress Agency. 

The Dress Agency is essentially two rooms full of nothing but top quality clothing, shoes and accessories ranging from brands such as – my favourite – Topshop to labels such as Alexander McQueen for fractions of the price, I found some absolute steals in there! I may have got a little bit too excited when I spotted two pairs of Zara Skorts from this season for £15! I’m so sad. 

But how does this all work you ask? Well if you’re on the buying end, like I usually am, you just take your goodies to the till, pay, and walk out a very happy bunny. Simple. But when you’re on the selling end it’s a little different. You use The Dress Agency as a means to sell you’re unwanted treasures and Sam, the extremely lovely owner, takes a cut once your items have sold. It’s like a very up-market version of Ebay! 

Sounding appealing? I thought it might, just remember when you do pay them a visit…

Remember to pick up a strawberry and banana smoothie! 




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