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Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Clay Mask


‘Feel like you’ve had a facial everyday’

I’m a huuuge skincare hoarder and really do believe that if you invest a little in your skincare, your skin will thank you for it. 

No, I’m not one of the lucky few that are blessed with perfect skin, I used to suffer quite a lot with mild acne, mainly around my chin. But with the help from some amazing products (uh um, Effaclar Duo) I’ve managed to keep my problem skin at bay with only a few under the skin spots appearing at that girly time of month.

So, seeing as though my skin is back on track I’ve been looking for something to keep my skin happy, as well calming things down a little when my skin isn’t so great. I’d already heard good things from the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Clay Mask so I decided to pick it up on a whim during my last Boots 3 for 2 spree.

As you probably already know, clay masks are great for detoxing the skin; they draw all of the dirt and excess oil from your pores, leaving them unclogged and spot free. Not only do they prevent spots, they also treat existing ones by reducing redness and drying out problem area’s.

As you can probably guess, this offering from Una Brennan is no different. With it’s key ingredients, Salicylic Acid and Dead Sea Mud, the mask controls oil and banish blemishes making it a must have for every oily skin girl. I’ve only used this once so far, but already I’m impressed. The consistency of the mask is extremely thick and with in 5 minutes of application the mask is dry and ready to remove leaving my skin feeling soft and seriously cleansed.

In terms of comparison, I would say it’s very similar to the Origins Clay Mask, but cheaper, at just £8.99!

Oh, and it does make you feel like you’ve had a facial everyday!


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