Gone Fishing



Now that it’s spring I’ve been going mad for pastel nails, and when I’m not near a Barry M counter, Topshop is my second best for polishes…

They have a huuuge range of colours and always manage to keep more shades coming!

So whilst I was in there the other day I picked up a new pastel addition to my already overflowing nail polish collection (I honestly think I have a problem). The shade is called Gone Fishing, which I think is so cute. It is a part of their normal collection and is just a lovely mint green colour that is opaque in just two coats!

And just because I’d bought them that day, I couldn’t resist using some of my new Primark false nails too. I heard LLYMLRS rave about them and at just £1 a pack I decided to give them a go. I picked up a few sets of them in different designs but these little kitty ones were my favourites. I thought they were a bit too much to use on my whole hand so I just applied them over the top of Gone Fishing to create a cute accent nail.

And at £5 a polish and £1 a set, I’m getting a few cute mani’s for £6…

Even better!



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