Lush Butterball //Review


Whenever I’m in Lush I always seem to go for the most exciting, colourful things they’ve got…

And even though all Lush bath bombs are amazing for your skin, this time I decided to try something that would give me a little bit more than what their usual bath time goodies offer.

I opted for Butterball, a bath bomb that smells gorgeous and is great for sensitive or dry skin. Admittedly, I don’t suffer with either of those, but as I’m so lazy with moisturiser (along with most other beauty tasks) I thought it was about time I gave my skin some tlc. It contains extracts of Vanilla and Ylang Ylang so you’re left smelling amazing! But not only does it smell amazing, as the name suggests, it contains tiny pieces of cocoa butter which melt to create a creamy kind of oil in your bath, leaving your skin soft and incredibly moisturised.

And not only is it great for your outside, it helps look after your inside too. Ylang Ylang is used in aromatherapy to treat stress by relieving panic, fear and anger, helping you to have the most perfect, relaxing bath.

Overall, I really do recommend this, but it is definitely not for those of you who love the more exciting offerings from Lush, you know, the ones that turn your water purple and glittery.

But if you’re the type that doesn’t enjoy washing the purple off your bath, then this is for you!





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